Youth centre has fresh lick of paint
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Homemade home theater
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A diehard movie fan, Ron Givan of rural Hannibal had long dreamed of having his own cinema in which to watch motion pictures. This past summer his wife, Earline, made his dream come true, building a 14-seat theater featuring stadium seating and a cinema-like concession area in the family’s basement.
“Ron is the one that wanted it because he’s got thousands of movies,” said Earline. “He’ll sit down there at 2 o’clock in the morning and watch movies. He’s just a movie person and he’s always wanted a movie theater.
“He loves it. He can’t believe it turned out as nice as it did.”
Reviews of the homemade theater by friends and family have been glowing.
“They can’t believe it looks like it does. I guess they think it’s going to be a couple of seats or something like that in there, but it really looks like a home theater. I’m proud of it,” said Earline.
Earline and Ron are both pleased the theater and concession area did not cost an arm and leg to create.
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