Your Life Home: Your guide to painting tools
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A fresh paint job has the power to transform the look of your house.

This week we are with Oshawa painter Jerry Osborne for a video series on painting tips. Make your home improvement a little easier with these how-to videos to achieve professional-looking results. We have tips on selecting tools and preparation to sanding and priming.

In our first video, Mr. Osborne shows you what tools you will need to get the job done properly.

For more information or to contact Mr. Osborne, e-mail .

Video series breakdown:

• Monday, June 30: Tools

TODAY: In this video, Mr. Osborne walks you through basic paint tools including: drop sheets, plastic, poles, tray, rollers, brushes and cleaning tools.

• Tuesday, July 1: Prep

Mr. Osborne demonstrates how to fill in wall imperfections, using compound with tips on correct amounts and how to wipe away cleanly.

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21 Tips: How to make old furniture new again
News from Lancaster Newspapers:

I have a troubling attraction to fabric.  

Not the flimsy kind you use to sew dresses – my seventh-grade home economics teacher cured me of that with her endless demands that I learn how to construct an interfacing and sew in a dart.  

The kind of fabric that makes my palms sweaty are the big bold graphics and colors of upholstery and home design.  I love the fabrics that make old furniture beautiful again.  Which is what I do as a hobby and sometimes as an obsession.  I’ve been so satisfied with how many of the pieces turned out that I’ve vowed never to buy new furniture again.

I’m going to show you a few tricks and a few before and after photos of some of my projects.  

Poor little chair

First: a dreary chair I picked up at a yard sale.  The pink tag on it – in case you do not have telescopic eyes – says $ 2.  I decided to pay full price on this although I’m sure I could have gotten her down to a buck. Besides you may also notice that a dog likely snacked on the arm of the chair.

In this case, use some wood putty to rub into the scratches.

Now we’re ready to get started.

1. Pick the fabric you love.  For a chair you will need 5-1/2 yards to reupholster it.  An ottoman will need about 1-3/4 yards.  A typical sofa w…………… continues on Lancaster Newspapers

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