Tools and tips for painting your home
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What’s needed to paint your home? Here’s a list…

Stepladders and possibly an extension ladder – make sure they are in good condition and that you follow all the safety guidelines. Most important, secure the ladder to a solid surface.

Flat paint scraper – used to remove loose, flaking or peeling paint from most surfaces.

Triangular scraper – for getting into those awkward corners where stripping is essential.

Steel wool or scouring pads – to remove corrosion and rust from metal surfaces.

Soft bristle brush – used to brush dust off surfaces before painting.

Stiff wire brush – to remove efflorescence (a white powdery deposit) and loose material from brickwork, or to rem…………… continues on Independent Online
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Pumpkin Carving Tips and Tricks
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Americans love pumpkins: 46.3 percent of them will carve and light one for Halloween this year.

Many others are adorning their front porches and homes with the pretty, straight-from-the-vine orbs, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2010 Halloween Survey.

Erin Shafritz and her sons typically come up with their own decorating ideas just by scavenging around their home.

“We always buy the quirkiest and the most perfectly shaped pumpkin,” says Shafritz, of Huntington Woods. “We sometimes paint one and often use stuff from around the house, like a paper plate for a hat and old gym shoes for feet.

“One year we used light bulbs as eyes and used pencils as hair, sticking straight up,” she said.

At Whole Foods, you’ll find a selection of decorative squash and pumpkins that have been “flying off o…………… continues on
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