Tips on Getting Your Home Sold
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ALBERT LEA, Minn. – For years now we’ve been reporting mixed news about the housing market.

Sellers trying to get rid of a home can sometimes be stuck with it for months or even years before it moves, but some simple tips could get you to close faster.

“It’s frustrating the last year in particular has been frustrating,” said Stephanie Richter.

Richter has been trying to sell her conger home for the past five years, which is why she’s trying to learn all she can about what it takes to get it sold.

“Probably we’ll try some of the interior painting, I think I’ve already got the house smelling good, we’ll try a couple of the things I’ve written down,” said Richter.

Things like painting, and yes even smell, are tips realtor Joel Thiem says help sell a home.

“Everything from staging it appropriately to making small repairs,” said Thiem.

Thiem also suggests giving your home a good cleaning and taking personal items like family photos out of…………… continues on KIMT
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