Tips for Exterior Home Painting
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Is your home’s exterior in need of a makeover?
Adding a fresh coat of paint can help improve your home’s curb appeal.

According to the Angie’s List 2012 project poll:
· 57 percent of respondents are planning an aesthetic home improvement, such as painting, this year.

How do I know when it’s time to paint?

  • A good paint job should last 5-10 years.
  • The most obvious sign that you’re home’s exterior needs a fresh coat of paint is peeling.
  • Check the side of your house that gets the most weather exposure – this will be the side where the paint begins to show signs of wear first.
  • Peeling paint allows water to seep into the wood and can cause the wood to rot.

Angie’s List, the nation’s leading provider of consumer reviews, asked highly rated painting contractors about picking out the right paint.

Pick the right paint:

  • Although exterior and interior painting shares many characteristics, the paints themselves are formulated differently. The binders and additives in outdoor paint are formulated to resist the elements well, while indoor paint most likely will not.
  • The materials of the home’s facade should be considered. When painting flat surfaces like siding or wood, you can opt for standard outdoor paint. When painting a textured surface like stu…………… continues on WALA-TV FOX10

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Make the most of your floorboards
News from Cambridge News:

Stripped floorboards are a great look, but if you want to stand out from the crowd and still make the most of them, why not use paint instead? Julia Gray offers her top tips for transforming your home

While painted floorboards look stunning, they’re not generally as practical as varnished or stained boards because, depending on the colour, paint is more likely to show up dirt and marks.

It can also get chipped, which is annoying unless you like the shabby-chic look. However, painting boards is easy to do yourself and the end result outweighs any negatives.

Period floorboards often have modern boards mixed in where repairs have been done over the years, and painting them makes it easier to disguise the new ones than with stain or varnish, although there may be a difference in the wood grain.

If the boards are in good condition, you should just be able to use a wood scraper and sandpaper or handheld electric sander to clean them off and make them smooth.

Remember to bang down any protruding nails with a nail punch and hammer, and remove staples or other remnants of the previous floor covering.

After sanding and scraping the boards, clean them thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and if they’re still dusty, wipe them over with methylated spirits.

If you leave dust and debris on them, it will spoil…………… continues on Cambridge News

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