The Best Advice on Painting: Don’t Do It
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I’ve only lived a few places in my life. In my family’s house on Fairfield Road, where we’ve lived since I was born, I know every creak in the stairs and how to survive with one bathroom. I lived in Smith Hall at Ohio State for a year, where I was thankful for cable and wireless Internet and 50 floor mates.

In my first apartment on E. 13th Avenue in Columbus, my room was the size of a large closet and we battled a mouse problem all year. I’ve spent the last two years in a townhouse on E. Norwich Avenue, where, coincidentally, a family friend and member of my church used to live when he attended OSU.

And now, I’m moving again, to a five bedroom, two bathroom house in Columbus….with two boy roommates. After three-and-a-half years of dating, Boyfriend and I decided that living together is a step we want to take in our relationship. And a pretty logical one, too: with all of our friends graduating and moving away from Columbus, we re…………… continues on
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Radiate style
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Dig out your paintbrush and spruce up your radiators with the help of these top tips – it’s a lot cheaper than replacing them.

  • You should only paint radiators when they’re turned off and cold. Sand any paint runs and other imperfections on the radiator, scrub it with sugar-soap solution, then wash it off with clean water. Use a radiator primer if necessary.
  • Most metal paints can be used on radiators, but heatproof radiator paint is best because it’s designed not to discolour. Standard white metal paint will yellow over time if used on radiators, due to the heat. Try Ronseal One Coat Radiator paint, from £7.98 for 250ml, for a white gloss finish (no primer needed) and Hammerite Quick Dry Radiator Paint, from £9.99 for 500ml, for a white satin one, which both work well and dry relatively quickly.
  • Radiator paint is available as both conventional and spray paint. Sprays are a good idea because they dry quickly and make getting a good finish relat…………… continues on

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