Take a loan for your home renovation
News from Economic Times:
As with a child, acquiring a house is the first step to a lifetime of responsibility. A house demands frequent maintenance, from painting it and replacing broken fixtures to remodelling a room and restoring the tiling. You can probably finance most of these needs yourself, but if a major overhaul becomes necessary, you may require more money than you have.

However, you don’t need to put your plans on hold till you amass the required funds. Simply walk into a bank and take a home improvement loan.

Home improvement loan Most banks provide home improvement loans to people for renovating their houses. You can take the loan for internal and external repairs, adding a room, painting, roofing, waterproofing, plumbing, flooring, woodwork, etc. The loan can be taken for up to 15 years and the interest rate ranges from 10.5-14%. A few banks also provide a loan for buying furniture.

“Such loans score over personal loans as they are secured and, hence, their rate of interest is 4-5%…………… continues on Economic Times
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Artist didn’t let hand life dealt him stifle his love of drawing, painting
News from The Tand D.com:

Orangeburg County has produced its share of talent in most areas of the arts. The diversity of its people has brought much acclaim to the community.

Orangeburg has poured a significant number of people into the field of the cultural arts – Harpin Riggs, sheriff of Orangeburg County in 1870 and flautist with the First Presbyterian Church Choir; music teacher C. Frederick Ulmer; famed artist Arthur Rose; Johnny Williams, baritone saxophone with the Count Basie Orchestra; acclaimed artist Alvin Staley; and Ruth Ella Caldwell, who sang with Paul Robeson in “Ballads for Americans.”

Playing a major role in the development of local talent have been the area’s educational facilities. We have also been blessed to have a large number of artists who had raw talent at an early age and went on to become successful in drama, music, art, poetry and dance.

An example of such an artist with raw talent is Alonzo Hook Jr. Al, as he is known in our community, has been drawing and p…………… continues on The Tand D.com
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