Super Handyman: Tips for getting your pool in shape before winter
News from Chicago Daily Herald:

You are a tough soul if you are still swimming in your backyard pool! Most of us have turned on the heat inside the house by now and are pretty much finished with these kinds of outdoor activities. Regular pool maintenance is still required, though. Here are some tips to take care of pool business quickly and get back indoors!

Do your very best to balance the chemicals in the water. It will be much easier to maintain if you start with a good balance.


The big decision you need to make is if you want to winterize your pool. In milder climates, you may choose to keep the pool “open,” but in colder parts of the country, you may choose to shut it down for the season. If you plan to leave it exposed, then make sure your filter is operating at peak performance and that you can run it during freezing times. You’ll need to balance the chemicals and keep the leaves and debris to a minimum.

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A watercolor painting of a turkey.…………… continues on Bailey White’s Thanksgiving Story: ‘Call It Even’ – NPR

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