Spruce Up Your Inside Living Space with Bright Paint
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Eddie Rucker, WZZM 11:24 a.m. EDT April 13, 2015

Brightening Your Rooms with Paint

After an especially rough winter, spring is a fantastic time to brighten your space with a fresh coat of paint, but what color will give you the best result? Interior designer Leslie Hart-Davidson from HDD Studios offers these tips for making great paint color decisions:

1. Understand WARM vs COOL palettes

Remember ROYGBIV from seventh grade science class? That’s a great way to remember which colors go in which palette. Warm colors are the first 3: red, orange and yellow. Warm palettes are like giving your room a big hug: they make the space feel cozy, inviting and snuggle-worthy.

Cool colors are the last 4: green, blue, indigo, violet. Since cool colors are most often associated with walking outside and seeing expansive green grass and a big blue sky, t…………… continues on WZZM

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