Smart ways to use credit when redecorating
News from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

(ARA) – When your redecorating project is done, you want everyone who sees it to think it looks like a million bucks. But woe to your wallet – and possibly your credit – if you overspend to achieve that look.

Credit can be a good tool to help you fulfill your decorating dreams, provided that you use it wisely. The last thing you want is to rack up redecorating debt that outlives the stylishness of your room’s new look.

Before you give your bank card a workout, or sign up for a new credit card with your local home improvement store, take these credit-conscious steps:

1. Assess your current credit status.

Whenever you’re considering a significant credit expenditure – like financing a remodel – it’s important to understand your credit and how your spending might impact it. Websites like

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