Renovation market taking off
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Renovation costs can vary significantly from state to state. Picture: Thinkstock. Source: Supplied

THE home renovation market is poised to take off again, but how much the exact some job will cost you in different states can vary significantly, according to new figures from online tradesmen service,

It found Perth homeowners paid higher labour costs for tradesman compared to any other capital city in Australia.

Although labour costs in Perth have dropped by 14.41 per cent since this time last year they still

average out to about $ 68.39 an hour.

Perth is the most expensive city to hire a tradie. Picture: Thinkstock. Source: Supplied

Brisbane had the second highest labour costs of $ 60.70 an hour, followed closely by Adelaide where it was $ 60 an hour.

Labour in Sydney cost on average $ 58.52 an hour, while Melbourne was the cheapest at $ 55……………. continues on

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