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Do you have plans to renovate your home this summer? If you have an older home, the Cayuga County Health Department has some tips for your safety. Projects that disturb lead-based paint can create dust and endanger you and your family. Lead-based paint was used in millions of homes until it was banned in 1978. If your home was built before then, here are some facts you should know:

• Lead can affect a child’s brain and developing nervous system, causing reduced IQ and learning disabilities. Children younger than 6 are most at risk.

• Lead exposure can cause behavioral problems.

• Lead in dust is the most common way people are exposed to lead. Lead dust comes from deteriorating lead-based paint and may be difficult to see. You can get lead in your body by breathing or swallowing lead dust, or by eating soil or paint chips containing lead.

• Children who seem healthy can have high levels of lead in their bodies.

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Home Staging and 7 Ideas to Sell Your Home for More
News from MainStreet:

NEW YORK (MoneyTalksNews) — The real estate market still looks much brighter for buyers than for sellers. So far this has been the worst year for sales since 1998 and prices may continue to decline until 2013, according to USA Today.

One way sellers can put a happier face on things might be to put a better face on their homes. It’s called “staging:” spending time and money – sometimes significant money – to make to your house look like a model home. Does it work? While an obviously biased source, the International Association of Home Staging Professionals says over 90 percent of professionally staged homes sell within a month.

In the video below, Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson talks about how staging works with master accredited staging professional Sandra Holmes. Check it out, and then read on for more tips to help sell your home.

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