Painting is all about technique, practice, knowledge and experience.
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01:00 AM EDT on Saturday, July 30, 2011

Painting is a trade without respect. Anyone can paint, just not well. Painting is the easiest part about painting, with about 80 percent of the work in prep. But, oh boy, there are many ways to mess it up. Painting can make great carpentry work look like garbage, and bad carpentry look great. Painting is all about technique, practice, knowledge and experience. You can get all of these things pretty easily. First, work with someone who is good, and second, read directions.

So what are the common mistakes? What are some good tips? And how do you get a great job that can last for decades? And how do I spend more now and pay less later? I hope to do this in two columns. There’s much to talk about based on all the bad things we see.

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Kitchen tips for home sellers
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If you’re one of the thousands of San Diegans putting your home on the market this summer, these tips can help you spruce up its most important room: the kitchen. Realtors will tell you that kitchens sell houses.

A smartly updated kitchen can help your sale immensely. One done badly, or sorely in need of improvement, can keep your home on the market longer, and cost you tremendously in a lower sale price. “On an upper-end home, the kitchen is expected to be done,” notes La Jolla real estate agent Michelle Silverman. So what do you do if you need to sell and it’s just not sensible for you to remodel?

Appliance smarts

Silverman suggests replacing the appliances. “When clients see new stainless-steel appliances, they automatically think the kitchen has been worked on.” With manufacturers offering bonus packages for appliance suites, this could be a more affordable change than ever.

If, however, you have built-in appliances, rather than free-standing models…………… continues on
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