Painting is a great way to spruce up your home
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A simple way to renew the look of your home’s interior is to add a fresh coat of paint.

Painting is a great home improvement project that spruces up your home’s interior for a small investment of time.

First, determine what paint you are going to get and keep in mind there’s a wide range of paint quality to fit your budget.

“The type of paint you choose for the interior of your home is really important because it really depends on how durable that paint is going to be,” said Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s Lists.

Second, decide if you can do the project yourself or if you should hire a contractor. A professional painter can potentionally get a better rate on the paint than you would buy it retail. Also, the contractor may have a particular type of paint they want to use in order to keep their warranty.

Third, make sure you understand the process involved.

“Interior priming is basically the same principle as outside. You just want to make sure…………… continues on
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Make Your Yard Your Second Home
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Just look at the parking lot of any home improvement/lawn and garden store these days. The number of cars indicate warm weather is here. Everyone is spending more time outdoors. As you look around your yard you may notice some areas that need attention. The cold winter and sun’s rays have caused some things to break and fade.

Here’s a list of a few things you can do to be on your way to sprucing up your yard.

Why spruce up you outdoors?
Yard improvements add curb appeal, thus adding value to your home. Sprucing up creates a family retreat. If you make your outdoor space cozy and inviting, your family will enjoy spending time there—playing, relaxing, reading and eating. 

Things to buy or get serviced
Check stores for sales. Check online for coupons. Most stores are offering a percentage off or free delivery this time of year on lawn and garden items. A dollar store is a great resource for things lik…………… continues on

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