Painting ceramic tiles is an easy way to improve look of floor
News from Indianapolis Star:

If you’re a flooring or paint professional, turn the page! The project I’m about to share goes against all logical, sensible, home-improvement advice, but it worked for us and has lasted for almost 20 years.

When we bought our house in 1993, we faced a wide expanse of mauve colored cobblestone-like tiles with a baked-on gloss. They covered our front hall, two closets and a hallway leading to the kitchen. Frustrated by the hideous lavender behemoth, I crawled into a closet, hammer and chisel in hand, to see if I could chip up the old tile floor myself. The job was beyond my strength, patience and time.

One morning, I decided to just paint the whole darn thing. I armed myself with more than enough research; lots of oil-based painting products; and began the multi-step process. I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but it’s endured the traffic of three kids, two dogs and two adults with only minor scuffs and scratches for all of those years.

If you can afford to chip up old tiles and put down a new floor, by all means, do it. But if you need a quick fix and understand the possible consequences, you might try painting as a last resort.

I recommend testing the process in a hidden area. A large rug also helps keep the paint intact. When describing this project to a sales clerk at Ace Hardware, we came to the conclusion that it was the De-glosser tha…………… continues on Indianapolis Star

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On the Green Beat: Area expert advice
News from Wicked Local:

The Green Beat returns this week with more tips from area experts. The following is a submission from home improvement professionals that work in and around Cohasset. Read on to find out their latest “green” tips and tricks!  

Tip #1: Recycle leftover paint

James Wolfe, owner, Wolfe Painting Company (Cohasset)

“We always try to work with our clients to be conservative with their budgets and are always efficient when ordering paint for their projects. With that said, here is an answer to a dilemma homeowners face after a personal painting project: what to do with all the left over paint?  Did you know that right in North Scituate, we have the only recycled paint manufacturer in Massachusetts? The Paint Exchange is a great place to recycle your leftover paints, or purchase recycled paint as well. Be sure to visit their website as there are restrictions in regards to what can be recycled.”

Tip #2: Get an energy audit

Matt Weaver, realtor, Green Designee/National Association of Realtors, Jack Conway Realtor (Plymouth)

“This year might be a good one to get that “energy audit” done for your home or business. Some energy audit services are free, so checking the internet for what’s available in our region is key for c…………… continues on Wicked Local

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