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Painting Project

Brain Calisthenics for Abstract Ideas

Posted on 6 Jun 2011 In: painting

Brain Calisthenics for Abstract Ideas News from New York Times:By BENEDICT CAREYPublished: June 6, 2011
Like any other high school junior, Wynn Haimer has a few holes in his academic game. Graphs and equations, for instance: He gets the idea, fine — one is a linear representation of the other — but making those conversions is often a headache.
Or at least it was. For about a month now, Wynn, 17, has been practicing at home using an unusual online program that prompts him to match [...] Continue Reading…

Begin house-painting job with proper preparation

Posted on 5 Jun 2011 In: painting

Begin house-painting job with proper preparation News from HeraldNet:If you’re thinking about hiring a contractor to paint the exterior of your home, the following information may save you a bundle.More than 80 percent of the cost of painting is taken up by preparation. This includes the labor of scraping, sanding, chipping, masking, caulking, and countersinking and puttying popped nail heads. It also includes safeguarding adjacent landscape and irrigation and thoroughly cleaning the home’s exterior. The remaining 20 percent consists of the actual painting labor and the paint itself.The paint [...] Continue Reading…

A chance to build something new

Posted on 5 Jun 2011 In: painting

A chance to build something new News from Walton Tribune:SOCIAL CIRCLE — Heaving bags of soil, schlepping cans of paint and carrying bricks to and fro, the club members at the Social Circle Boys & Girls Club are starting the summer off with a little home improvement.
Thanks to a $ 10,000 grant from Home Depot, the club is undergoing some renovations, as leaders, members, volunteers and others throughout the community converged on the clubhouse for a little loving care.
Senior club member Renea Freeman, home from college for the summer, [...] Continue Reading…

Checklist: In the garden, around the house

Posted on 4 Jun 2011 In: painting

Checklist: In the garden, around the house News from Sacramento Bee:Get an edge on summer painting projects from the experts. This weekend, ScotchBlue brand painter’s tape is launching the “Pro Prep Patrol,” a team of expert professional painters who will provide free painting prep advice to DIYers.
“People continue to look for affordable ways to add value to their homes, and painting projects remain the No. 1 home improvement project among both seasoned and inexperienced do-it-yourselfers,” said 3M spokesman Paul Hansen. “As we are now entering paint season, we’ve launched [...] Continue Reading…

Painting dilemma? Don’t panic; there’s a pro ready to help News from SILive.com:STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Wouldn’t it be nice if you could call up a home improvement expert or chat with one on Skype in the midst of a project? Next weekend, do-it-yourselfers with painting on the brain will be able to do just that.ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape is kicking off the warm weather painting season with their Pro Prep Patrol, a team of professional painters offering free advice. Homeowners can connect with an expert via Skype or by [...] Continue Reading…

Taking odor out of painting projects

Posted on 3 Jun 2011 In: painting

Taking odor out of painting projects News from Creston News Advertiser:(ARA) – Homeowners can scratch off one more concern from their list when tackling a painting project: Nearly every paint manufacturer now offers no-odor or low-odor alternatives. Combined with sensible steps to reduce odors and speed drying, painting today doesn’t have to be the stinky business your parents experienced.Home improvement expert Gordon Blickle notes that painting is a growing trend in decorating. “In today’s market, homeowners are staying in their homes longer and redecorating more,” he says. When decorating, [...] Continue Reading…

Selling your home? Four tips to prepare your house for the market News from Bonners Ferry Herald:Few adventures are as fun and exhilarating as looking for and buying a new house. But if you already own a home that you need to sell, that fun and exhilaration can quickly turn to headaches and panic if you can’t sell as fast as you’d like to. The old real estate agent slogan of “location, location, location” may not apply if your house isn’t ready to sell.
You can do a lot to [...] Continue Reading…