Pacific Power offers safety tips for homeowners preparing for winter
News from Statesman Journal:

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Make home renovation dreams reality
News from Lawrence Journal World:

Finishing basements, adding on rooms, adding decks more than 30 inches above grade, replacing heating and cooling equipment or water heaters, kitchen renovations that change the floorplan and certain kinds of electrical work all require permits, said Lawrence city building official Barry Walthall.

Owners working on their own homes must get permits themselves, he said. Otherwise, hired contractors are responsible for obtaining permits for their work.

Obtaining a permit comes with two city inspections, a rough inspection while the walls are open — to look at heating and air conditioning ducts, electrical wiring and plumbing — and a final inspection.

Done incorrectly, projects such as electrical work or heater replacements can create fire or carbon monoxide hazards, Walthall said. Finishing a basement can introduce other hazards, such as creating a sleeping area without a secondary fire escape route.

“We want to make sure that safety concern is dealt with,” he said.

Kathy Bechtel, who owns Color My World Paint…………… continues on Lawrence Journal World

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