Owego: From cool small town to prettiest painted?
News from Press & Sun-Bulletin:

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Fall home improvement time all over the place
News from Clare County Review:

It’s home improvement time at the newspaper.

That’s appropriate, since we can barely move.

I should explain. We are just winding up of one of those simple little “home improvement projects” right now. Seems like we have been doing one every spring and fall for the past 46 years.

 I told Jack that if we ever got completely done with the house, it would probably only be because we had it up for sale…

And every time we have started – and finished a project, we have sworn that it was absolutely the very last time and we would never, ever do it again. Then a few months later, guess what? We are at it again.

Being a part of a (mostly) happily married couple, I could blame it all on Jack, but then to be truthful, I am the one who dreams these little “projects” up most of the time. I really have to take most of the blame.

And Jack, bless his heart, goes right along with it, only grumbling a little bit, even though just a little while ago, he may have sworn we would have to hire someone to do it the next time.

Anyway, we are replacing some yucky old hallway carpet with some vinyl that looks like cherry. It’s a new product, looks beautiful and It’s certainly not hard to do, except for two old codgers like us who need a helper to get back up once we kneel down.

And believe me, we have been kneeling down qu…………… continues on Clare County Review

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Gold Framed “A Sailor’s Home” Large Painting

A classic and traditional nautical scene framed in a a grand golden frame, this sailboat takes to the high seas with all the sailors aboard. Was made to hang over your seaside retreat’s fireplace! Measures 22 3/8″ X 27 3/8″. Please note that the trademark watermark will not appear on the actual piece. Click on image for greater detail.

List Price: $ 340.00