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Photos by Kyle Green | The Roanoke Times

Winston Palmer, 10, pets a hen he wryly named Steve, one of five the family is raising for eggs. “He loves the chickens,” his mother says. “Most kids have little attention spans for gardening, but he’s the one who cooks with me in the kitchen. He knows what tastes good with more rosemary.”

Paul Davis uses a pitchfork to turn one of his compost piles in the family garden. He recycles expired food from a nearby grocery, using it to feed the chickens and his compost pile. The family hopes to raise rabbits and plant a cash crop of garlic.

Piper Lane cans berries and grows as many vegetables and herbs as she can. An active participant in Occupy Roanoke, she and her partner, Paul Davis, reach out to other people in need – including an 88-year-old Roanoke minister who may be evicted from his home because of some loans his late wife took out.

Paul Davis walks in a chicken coop at his home on rented land in New Castle, Virginia. The family uses various means to get by in a tough economy, including growing their own herbs and vegetables, keeping chicken for eggs, and bartering goods for their artwork and services.

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