Making a bigger TV part of your Super Bowl game plan
News from The Seattle Times:

Big screens rule for the Big Game.

As the New York Giants and the New England Patriots prep for Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI, consumers nationwide will gravitate to larger television purchases this week. Adding to that pre-Bowl push: a steady drop in prices.

With an audience of about 110 million viewers during game time, Super Bowl Sunday has become a TV-party holiday.

“Regardless of teams, what we do find each year, people are more interested in getting their TV up and running before the Super Bowl party begins,”said Leon Soohoo, owner of Paradyme Sound and Vision in Sacramento and Roseville, Calif.

Shoppers bought 4.5 million new TV sets in the week before the 2011 Super Bowl, up from 3.6 million in 2010. According to trend trackers NPD Group, sales of televisions with 40-inch-or-larger screens increased by 12 percent that week compared with average weekly sales.

Sales of LCD TVs with screens 50 inches or larger shot up 53 percent. Sales of all plasma screens went up 45 percent (with half those sales for larger models).

Meanwhile, prices on many TVs are 25 percent to 40 percent lower than in 2010 for the same size screen and with better quality. According to Consumer Reports, 40- and 42-inch LCD TVs now average below $ 500; 60-inch LCD TVs have dipped well below $ 1,500.

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