Ideal Home Show offers ideas, tips and products for spring projects
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Doing one’s own home remodeling has never been easier, more popular or more enjoyable than right now.

Most everywhere there is a television — waiting rooms, repair shops, restaurants, barber shops, even TV display walls at local box stores, etc. The public is blasted by home repair and/or cooking programs. Although home repair shows and cooking programs popped up from time to time in the past, the advent of dedicated networks like HGTV and The Food Network have give the public 24-7 access and has earned high ratings along the way.

That surge in public awareness and the mass popularity of such programming has not been lost on Jessica Boweak, owner of Grayland Productions, the company behind The Ideal Home Show Chicago this weekend.

“We are not a trade show. We are a consumer show. So this weekend is specifically targeted and produced for the general public and for family consumers,” Boweak said.

“This is where people can ask questions, get ideas, and learn short cuts from hundreds of experts able to offer advice on everything from completing a basement remodeling project, to choosing the best paint color, to matching kitchen walnut cabinets. We have more than 200 exhibits for people to visit.”

The show offers something for everyone, said Boweak, a 15-year veteran in the home improvement industry who has produced simil…………… continues on

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