How Does She Do It? 10 Pieces Of Advice For Hectic Parents
News from Huffington Post:

I know what many of you are thinking: How does she raise two young daughters, maintain a career as a struggling freelance writer, and still find the time to throw her hair into a ponytail, jump into an old pair of faded yoga pants and feed her family nutritionally balanced prepared meals from Whole Foods day after day?

My life may seem glamorous with its endless routine of carpools, play dates, and half-asleep coffee breaks at the neighborhood latte joint, but to be able to maintain an outward appearance of order I have developed a few shortcuts. And, in the name of parental camaraderie, I have decided to share the secrets that keep my life from unraveling.

I did search for what experts say when it comes to “timesaving tips for busy parents”, but I found their advice to be unreasonable and cumbersome. One site advised to “never come home angry.” Well sure, that is a fine goal, but if we can’t come home angry, some of us would never come home at all.

My tips, on the other hand, are practical suggestions to save twenty seconds here, a minute there, and a massive headache later. These are the hidden methods to my madness:

Wear day/night clothing. It may be time to ditch the cute pajama pants and matching tank and invest in a wardrobe that meets your daytime and bedtime needs. A flatterin…………… continues on Huffington Post

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