HBA: Exterior home painting tips
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If you’re thinking about painting the exterior of your home yourself, your first decision shouldn’t concern the color or sheen of the paint but, rather, who’s going to do the painting. Deciding whether to hire a contractor or do the work yourself has implications for your social calendar, your peace of mind and your pocketbook. “In the painting industry preparation is the key. It’s what separates the professionals from the amateurs,” says Ricardo Suarez of Calumet Painting & Restoration, LLC. “It always makes sense to use the best products so remember that in choosing a contractor as well.”

With so much at stake, how do you make the right decision?

1. Do you have enough time to do the job? Repainting a home can take a full week or two. For many people, that translates into a lot of vacation days or weekends. Are you willing to make the sacrifice?

2. Do you have the patience to do the job correctly? While painting can be fun and psychologically rewarding, good surface preparation — essential to any successful paint job — can be tedious. Will you really take time to properly prepare the surface before yielding to the urge to paint? “I think one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make if they try and do the job themselves is that they try and brush and roll the product onto their old aluminum or steel siding.” Rick goes on to exp…………… continues on nwitimes.com

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