Geri Nikolai: Paint preparation the hardest part
News from Rockford Register Star:

I’ve followed Rule No. 1 on most lists of “how to improve your home without spending a fortune.” I’ve cleaned and decluttered.

It took the better part of six weeks. I had to negotiate with my daughter, who wanted to throw out everything that had not been touched in the past hour, and grandkids, who didn’t want to part with anything they had ever touched.

Now that we have refreshed the inventory at Goodwill and added who-knows-how-many-square feet to refuse at the landfill, it’s time to paint.

There are lots of good sources for painting tips online and, of course, from where ever you buy the paint. Let me just say this. Painting is like flying. Say you’re going to Orlando. You spend maybe three hours in the air, but you double that in getting to the airport, getting through security, waiting to take off, getting off the plane, getting your luggage, and getting to your final destination.

In painting, putting the paint on the wall is the easy part. It takes much more time to move furniture, cover the floor, windows, doors and things that won’t be painted, clean dust and grime off the area to be painted, and get the tools and yourself ready.

When you’re done, you put everything back. That part is more fun, and you’ll have a crisp new look in your home. A new coat of paint, they say, is the cheapest way to improve the ambiance and value of your…………… continues on Rockford Register Star

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