Free App Friday: 5 Home Improvement Tools For Putzers And Pros Alike
News from Fast Company:

The holidays are long gone and spring won’t be here for ages, so it’s finally time to get some stuff done around the house. Here are a handful of apps to help you chip away at that ever-growing honey do list of yours.

1. If you’re not sure where to start

Make sure Houzz Interior Design (Android, iOS) has a spot in your collection. For starters, there’s absolutely no manual labor involved. The app merely features ideas by way of some four million photos of rooms in houses that are far nicer than yours, along with products to buy, ideabooks to flip through and project articles to read. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to finally re-tile your bathroom. At the very least, you can procrastinate for a few weeks while you make your way through this gargantuan app.

2. If you want to paint before actually painting

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