Flag Pole Painting A Family Business
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By, Aaron Adelson


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Children have a tendency to think they know better than their parents, but one dad schools his son every day in the craft of flag pole painting.

The flag pole atop the Woodbury County Court House has a fresh coat of paint thanks to one father and son who specialize in painting flag poles.

“Been a family business for 104 years,” said Warren Hinrichs. 

Warren learned from his dad how to paint flag poles, and now Warren is teaching his son.  It’s Daniel’s first summer on the job, and he had some trouble climbing the poles at first.

“After two hours of hanging on a pole, and couldn’t get to the top. I said very carefully Daniel, climb down off the pole, and I’ll go up and do it. Then I got down, and Daniel says Dad I’m impressed,” said Warren. 

Warren’s showing Daniel the ropes literally. They use a rope pulley system to climb poles, and they paint from the top down.

Daniel says he’s happy to carry on the family trade.

“I get pride in taking care of the polls, because of what it means, as far as the American flag and Patriotism,” said Daniel. 

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