Explore idea-rich gardens on Chapel Hill spring tour
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A water feature pool is graced with a Grecian statue in the Curcio garden.

Every other spring since 1996, as the weather warms and the dogwoods bloom, the Chapel Hill Garden Club holds a garden tour.

The event opens up a variety of cultivated plots in town, ranging from more traditional grounds populated by statuary and ordered plantings to rambling slopes of guided native growth and subtle sculpture. And while the annual event benefits the N.C. Botanical Garden, many tour-goers are looking for ideas they can bring home.

“We feel it brings the public into private gardens and they can get ideas and bring them back to their own gardens,” says garden tour chairwoman Char Thomann, gesturing at the Noell Garden’s carefully terraced stone entryway in a wooded neighborhood near UNC’s main campus. “They may not be able to do this, but they can do it on their scale in their own home.”

Many of these are practical ideas. Participants will find ideas for unobtrusive deer fences or deer-resistant plants. Water management and erosion control are key, and hosts will share tips on keeping a garden growing year-round. Accordingly, even with this year’s late spring, the seven mindfully planned gardens on this tour will be ready: In a talented gardener’s hands, a…………… continues on News & Observer

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(BPT) — It’s that time of year — time to dust off your patio furniture, fill your planters and set up to spend the spring outdoors. While expanding an outdoor space is a top renovation project for homeowners and renters alike, it does not have to induce a state of pre-spring stress. With a few simple tips, you can create an outdoor space that adds value and comfort to your home.

Focus on your front entrance

“Enhance your home’s curb appeal by brightening up your front entrance,” says The Home Depot’s Director of Trend and Design, Sarah Fishburne. “A coat of brightly colored paint on your front door can redefine the look of your home.” This year, go bold with your color choice — try coral, tomato red, teal, aqua, violet, pistachio and cobalt. Add a wreath, doormat, kick plates and new door hardware to complete the look. Knobs and handles with a burnished bronze finish also hide fingerprints and don’t show tarnish as easily. After all, a fabulous front entrance can make a powerful first impression.

Design your dream deck

The base of any great outdoor space is a clean slate. Start with a good scrub and power wash. Echo the feel of your interior to create a cohesive style that makes it easy for you to move indoor decor outside when you are hosting. Start by creating a sense of…………… continues on Your Houston News

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