Expert tips on choosing paint colour
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Mike Baker

BORING?: Is white paint a dull, safe choice? Not when paired with bright furnishings like this!

It can be rather overwhelming hitting up the hardware store to choose a new interior paint colour for your home.

There are literally thousands of potential colours, and how many shades of white can there be? 

Before you throw your colour charts in the air and storm out of the shop (while convincing yourself that the faded mustard-yellow walls in your lounge are actually fine) take note of these six tips from the experts.

OVERWHELMED: So many choices! How to decide? By following these tips from the experts.

1. Where to start?

At the beginning of course. Dulux colour expert Louise McKenzie-Smith says that you should look at the existing colours in your home and decide on the ones you’d consider working with.

“For example, do you have a piece of artwork you really like, flooring that will need to be worked with (not against), and furniture that will be staying? This will help narrow down your options.”

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