Escape to Earth, Paint and Fire
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I spent close to 20 years working in downtown Atlanta, which means I traveled comatose on 1-75 along with thousands of other miserable commuters. Rain, sunshine and snow did not deter us from our required path. Oh, occasional road ice brought a reprieve, but not often enough.

Now my math may be a bit off, but assuming I drove to my office at least 15 days each month, with an average commute time of three hours per day, I spent about 1.3 years in my car inhaling exhaust fumes and listening to really bad talk radio. By the time I arrived home each evening, I had very little energy left for enjoying the local scene. And activities I enjoyed in my youth, like Christmas shopping, became pure drudgery. Yes, as the years progressed, I was reduced to an automaton who seldom veered from her prescribed course.

Imagine my delight at now being retired and having the time to learn about Woodstock and surrounding communities. Who knew there were so many fun things to do around here?…………… continues on
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