Easy home fixes that reap rewards
News from Washington Post:

A new coat of paint and a new floor will stretch your dollars furthest. “Paint and flooring is a great place to put your money because the return on investment is always high,” says Blake DeVries, Home Depot sales associate and online DIY community member. Even better? Painting is one of the easiest and cheapest DIY tasks, whether you’re freshening up the inside or outside of your home. Tint a primer to match your paint and you’ll get the job done with two coats instead of three.

Concentrate your efforts on the kitchen and bathrooms. “In the kitchen, buyers are looking for stainless-steel appliances, so even a middle-of-the-road set adds more value than the old bisque or white set you have now,” DeVries said. Jule Eller, trend and design expert for Lowe’s, said homeowners are increasingly investing in updated drawer pulls and knobs and coordinating them with new light fixtures.

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Group seeks to minister while doing home improvement
News from Boone Mountain Times:

At a time when some people are forced to choose between buying medication or buying groceries, home improvements are pushed lower on the “to-do” list or crossed off altogether. But, thanks to a Christian outreach ministry, known as Carolina Cross Connection (CCC), many of these home repairs are being taken care of in Ashe County.

CCC was formed in 1988 with a great deal of support from the Gastonia District of the United Methodist Church (UMC) and guidance from Mountain T.O.P., a similar project in Tennessee. Before forming CCC, the youth in Gastonia attended the Mountain T.O.P. program where they were encouraged to take what they learn there and use it at home. The group done just that by forming CCC. According to the group’s website, they have welcomed approximately 19,248 youth and adults and have completed nearly 12,000 projects for needy families. They have been serving Ashe County since 1991. They will be in the …………… continues on Boone Mountain Times
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