Consider lots of factors when selecting interior paint colors
News from Lincoln Journal Star:

Does your home need a facelift? Now is a good time to look at the list of things that need to be done and choose the tasks that can be completed. Changing the color scheme or just painting to freshen up the look of the home is easy to put off each year.

As you consider the changes you want to make, think about the importance of color and the part it plays in the home. Colors in the home portray personalities, influences mood, defines space and suggests function and temperature.

There are many factors to consider when choosing colors for the first time or just to change the décor of the home. Keep in mind the room size, shape, orientation, use, personal preference and lighting. Do you want to make the rooms look larger? What colors do you and your family prefer?

Some tips to help make color choices and planning easier.

* Break the home into categories, such as large and small rooms, north or south orientation and different levels of use.

* Consider the people who live in the home.

* Decide on the effect you are trying to create, such as formal or casual, warm or cool.

* Evaluate existing furnishings. Will they fit in a new color scheme or is it time to replace certain items?

* Subdivide the rooms and furnishings into main areas (floor, walls or ceiling), secondary areas (window treatments, large furnishings) and ac…………… continues on Lincoln Journal Star

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Painted furniture lets you express your style
News from La Crosse Tribune:

It’s impossible to flip through a home decor magazine, read a design blog or scroll through a Pinterest feed without noticing furniture painted in bright neutrals or bold pops of color.

“A painted piece of furniture is a small element that can add a lot of drama to a room,” said Aynsley Mahoney, executive interior designer and owner of Cottage Chic.

From turquoise headboards and yellow console tables to green media cabinets and red accent chairs, painted furniture is taking hold in American homes, injecting jolts of color in unexpected ways.

You can find painted pieces for every room in the house, as well as the backyard.

While bright pops of color are popular this spring, the trend extends beyond bold shades; painted furniture also is available in neutral tones like gray, white and navy. Use these hues to lighten up heavier furniture or add a touch of sophistication to a room.

Whether you choose a vibrant palette or muted tones, the trend is a chic way to fill your home with furnishings that reflect your style. And, when it comes to incorporating painted furniture into a room, the options are endless.

Using painted furniture in neutral tones keeps a traditional design on trend while bolder color choices create a more modern look. For a balance of traditional and modern, Mahoney suggests choosing a big piece i…………… continues on La Crosse Tribune

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