Burglar leaves water on, damages Bismarck home
News from Bismarck Tribune:

A burglar caused more than $ 7,000 damage to a Bismarck home by leaving on water faucets.

Bismarck Police Sgt. Mark Buschena said the owner of a home on the 500 block of North 17th Street arrived to do some painting and heard water running. He found the faucet in the upstairs bathroom on, and water was spilling out of the sink and onto the floor. Water also was on in an upstairs kitchen.

Buschena said there was extensive water damage on the entire west side of the home. Water was running down the stairs into the basement, and the west side of the basement ceiling was dripping. Sheetrock and floor joists had water dripping off of them.

Water damage to the home was estimated to be at least $ 7,500.

The owner found that a window had been broken out on a back door to gain entry. Damages to the door were estimated at $ 200.

Buschena said there are no suspects. Anyone with information about the crime should call the Bismarck Police Department at 223-1212 or…………… continues on Bismarck Tribune
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