Black trim a feature of Georgian style
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Dear Leanne: We are renovating our historical home and have decided to start with the kitchen. We would like to borrow some of the design elements from the Georgian style – such as the black-and-white colour theme – but want to add a twist. Rather than white baseboards we were thinking of painting them black, as well as the window and door trims. If we paint the kitchen trim black do we need to continue this throughout the home? And what about the doors? We will be replacing the flooring, cabinets and countertops and are open to suggestions on all.

A: The stately Georgian styled home design is a beautiful contrast between elegant architectural design and the simplicity of a black-and-white colour palette.

Black baseboards and trim can be absolutely stunning. I tend to use design rules as a guide rather than the law. If your Georgian home was to become a museum, accurately reflecting the design rules of the time period would be crucial. But today’s deco…………… continues on Edmonton Journal

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Keep those critters out!
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If you hear the pitter-patter of little feet running around your house and you don’t have kids, you might have other critters! Mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums and other rodents like a nice, cozy home, too, and your attic might be the perfect spot, if you aren’t careful! Here are some of our favorite tips for keeping these pests out of your home.

Keep trees trimmed back so the critters won’t have easy access to your roof or eaves. If you have fruit trees, remove any leftover fruit so they won’t have anything to snack on.

Don’t leave pet food out for them, either. Rodents aren’t very picky eaters. They also like bird food.

If you have a compost pile, you should keep it covered, fenced in or otherwise secured.

Keep garbage cans closed tightly, too. You would be surprised how clever these critters can be at getting what they want.

Make sure that even small gap…………… continues on Times and Transcript

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