At Home: Tips on picking paint
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Colleen Johnson-Bryant 8:33 a.m. CST January 30, 2015


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Success tips for home painting projects
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When you want to dramatically change up the colour of a room, the Niagara Star Painters in Niagara Falls can provide some helpful tips that will give you that beautiful, polished look.

Before you start your paint job, the professionals at Niagara Star Painters know preparing your room is a very important step!

When you’re painting the room, you wouldn’t want to keep tripping over coffee tables or reach over to paint the back of the sofa. Move your furniture out of the room to make painting easier, and keep your pieces safe from spattered paint.

Always remember to cover your flooring before you start painting. Invest in drop cloths that protect your floor from spilled paint. Plastic sheets are a cheaper, but can shift under your feet and could expose parts of the floor.

Remember to remove all wall hangings. Take down your paintings and nails out of the room. Fill the holes with spackle before you start painting.

To achieve that professional looking result, clean all the walls you’re planning to paint with water and mild detergent. Be sure to rinse the walls thoroughly when you’re finished and give them time to dry before you start working.

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