An environmentalist’s calculated push toward Brazil’s presidency – MSN News
News from An environmentalist’s calculated push toward Brazil’s presidency – MSN News:

RIO DE JANEIRO – In March 2003, three months into her tenure as Brazil’s environment minister, Marina Silva gathered a half-dozen aides at the modernist ministry building in Brasilia, the capital.

She told them the new government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was about to embark on a pharaonic infrastructure project for Brazil’s arid Northeast.

The project, a still-ongoing effort to reroute water from one of Brazil’s biggest rivers, had previously been opposed by environmentalists, including Silva herself.

Rather than explain how she would thwart the plan, however, the former activist said she would work to make it as sustainable as possible.

“I was shocked,” says Marijane Lisboa, a former Greenpeace director and Silva’s secretary of environmental quality then. “Instead of fighting, she was merely trying to mitigate.”

Lisboa would not be the last person surprised by Silva, a former rubber tapper and maid and now a frontrunner in Brazil’s presidential election race.

Once considered a leftist radical, the pioneer of Amazon conservation and icon of th…………… continues on An environmentalist’s calculated push toward Brazil’s presidency – MSN News

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Southcoast offers TAVR surgery, gives patient her active life back
News from Fall River Herald News:

FALL RIVER — Trudy Furtado, whose chronological age may be 80, has the stamina of a much younger woman.

So, when her health took a down-turn, she wasn’t going to sit idly by.

“I’m a very active person,” Furtado said. “I was starting to get tired.”

Like so many older people, Furtado had some health problems. But, until recently, she was still mowing her own lawn, doing yard work and even painting her house.

Over the course of a year, Futado started to experience fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath, and light-headedness — all “classic symptoms” that point to a narrowed aortic heart valve, according to Dr. Adam Saltzman, medical director of the Southcoast Structural Heart Program, the only program of its kind in the region, at Charlton Memorial Hospital.

Furtado said she doesn’t let anything stop her from her hobbies and from lunching with friends “if I’m not on the floor and I can still walk,” but it was getting increasingly difficult.

Once diagnosed, doctors thought it could be too dangerous to send Furtado off for open heart surgery to repair the valve. In recent years, she might have been referred to Mas…………… continues on Fall River Herald News

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