5 tips to prep surfaces in your home before painting
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5 tips for painting like a pro this summer
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Sunny summer months are the perfect time for a colorful home refresh. With open windows, warm weather and the tips below, you can check painting off your list in a breeze and head back outdoors to enjoy the weather.

Always buy high-quality paint

When it comes to paint, quality matters. Search for a combination paint-and-primer to save a few steps and ensure complete coverage. Good options have high hiding ability and resist dirt and scuffs.

BEHR MARQUEE Interior Paint & Primer is a great example. This durable paint offers a one-coat guarantee when tinted to one of 372 classic and contemporary hues in the BEHR MARQUEE Interior One-Coat Color Collection. It’s scrubbable and with a one-coat guarantee, you can spend less time painting and more time on the lake, in the yard or with your friends and family.

BEHR MARQUEE is available at The Home Depot stores nationwide. For more information, visit BEHR.com/MARQUEEguarantee.

Use websites and apps to simplify searching

Once you’ve chosen your product, it’s time to pick a color. Color selection can seem intimidating, but it’s a chance to infuse your personality into your home. Many online resources are available for homeowners to explore, coordinate and experiment with different looks. Pinterest, Houzz and Apartment Therapy are great websites for browsing images, finding home décor i…………… continues on LubbockOnline.com

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