5 tips for: painting interior woodwork
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1. If white solvent-based paint was used on your home’s woodwork (usually the case in the past) it will have discoloured over time – sometimes in only a matter of months. Solvent-based wood paints have other disadvantages too, including smelling, drying slowly (especially when it’s cold), being prone to runs and drops (although non-drip versions are available) and being hard to clean up and clean off things.

2. Solvent-based wood paints have improved in recent years – a professional decorator recently told me some white ones don’t yellow now – but I still prefer water-based wood paints, as there’s definitely no danger of them discolouring. They also dry quickly and although you have to do several coats of white, especially on bare wood, the paint goes on more easily than solvent-based versions and becomes easier and quicker to apply the more coats you do, so you can finish the job in a day. Other colours usually need just two coats, making them much less work than white.

3. As well as specific wood/metal paints, you can get water-based multi-surface paints that can be used on walls, ceilings, wood and metal. These are ideal if you want different surfaces to match, as the same colour in a wood/metal paint and an emulsion (for walls) isn’t necessarily identical.

4. Wood paints were traditionally gloss, but these days lower-sheen sati…………… continues on expressandstar.com

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Dear Monty: 10 tips to avoid tenant complaints
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Reader question: We own 75 units in 20 buildings. My husband has a good day job, and I manage the apartments. It is not easy work. We have had tenants occasionally complain, but we have shrugged it off as sour grapes, or “It goes with the turf.” Yesterday, we got a complaint letter that several tenants signed, which is upsetting. What makes a good landlord? — Sue and Vic S.

Monty’s answer: Owning and managing apartments are hard work. Management practices must be tailored to the environment, the clientele and working conditions. That said, there are principles to utilize anywhere that can reduce or eliminate complaints. The result is less turnover, less management intervention and happier employees and occupants.

1. Treat tenants respectfully. We all know high-maintenance people. Whether late with the rent, a sharp tongue or unreasonable requests, being respectful can be difficult. There are resources to learn about techniques to employ dealing with difficult people. Books that teach readers how to get along, a local organization with classes in dealing with difficult people and even YouTube has videos on the subject.

2. Be true to your word. If you say you will fix the furnace on Tuesday, fix it on Tuesday. You can negotiate to identify a…………… continues on Mail Tribune

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