5 places for Easter egg events in the Bay Area
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Lead paint hazards linger at aging Portland schools (searchable database)
News from OregonLive.com:

A Portland mother who has been recognized nationally for her activism against lead hazards is petitioning Portland Public Schools and the City of Portland to clean up lead hazards in district schools built before 1978, the year the U.S. banned consumer uses of lead-based paint.

Tamara Rubin, founder and executive director of the Portland-based Lead Safe America Foundation, writes in her online petition at Change.org, “Children spend most of their day in school during the school year and they have a right to be protected from toxicity in these public facilities.”

“We’re one of the greenest cities in the country,” Rubin said in an interview. “Why should we be poisoning our children?”

Rubin became a lead hazards activist after three of her four sons were exposed to lead during a 2005 renovation of the Northeast Portland house they lived in at the time. One son, an infant at the time, has since been evaluated by a top neuropsychologist. He told Rubin and her husband that comprehensive tests showed their son was very bright but…………… continues on OregonLive.com

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